Our Leadership Team

Afsheen Alam


Afsheen Alam has a history in philanthropy. It started as early as childhood helping her mother and grandmother in volunteering for their charities. In college she helped teaching disabled children.

Her charitable work has extended from teaching math to girls in orphanages to volunteering for fund management setup for Milwaukee Center of Independence.

Even though Afsheen is enjoying a fulfilling career in Data and Analytics and has worked for the likes of JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Allstate and Abbott, there has been a void that needs to be fulfilled in service and giving back to communities.

In 2019, Afsheen started a small pilot of a computer lab in underserved areas of Pakistan to develop digital and coding skills. 

She worked incessantly on curriculum development and with Carnegie Melon until she developed a custom curriculum to serve children so they could be financially independent as soon as they completed high school if they didn’t have the opportunity for college. That pilot was a huge success and has expanded to several computer centers, providing employment to several computer instructors.

This pilot has now taken the shape of Accentedge Foundation which has a goal of providing technical computer training to underserved and underprivileged areas.

In her free time Afsheen likes to spend time with family, travel and cultivate healing arts in her lifestyle like meditation, Reiki and yoga and runs a holistic healing group called Ray of Sunshine. She also runs an investment business.